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The Invisible Talent


A farmer who had the strength and determination to achieve success in his life. His journey in the life was mixed with hurdles and struggles. He never gave until he reached his goals. He took a decision to meet a great teacher to learn skills. Unfortunately, an accident made him blind during his journey to meet the great teacher. The determination tripled over that, but he never gave up the aim to become well known farmer.

One fine day, he was awarded for his immense contribution in Agriculture field.

After someday, one man came from so far to meet this genius. He got with the blind farmer as a student to enhance his agricultural skills. The student worked hard and earned a name. The student had purpose to meet the blind farmer. The student had to go away one day, but he gave something precious back to the genius blind farmer. The blind farmer never expected his student could give him such a surprise in his life.

A short story which narrates the life of a blind farmer. Explore how his dreams come true. A great twist at the end of the tale which sets a beautiful moral. The story takes in primarily two main characters, i. e. a teacher and a student. The teacher and student comes from a different background and the tale reminds us the importance of having a determination to achieve our goals in life. A short story with few characters which refreshes anyone's mind and keep us thinking about our own invisible talent within us.


Now it is time to read the tale, and explore answers to a few questions


  • How did the farmer become blind?

  • Had he ever met that great teacher?

  • In spite of being blind, how did the blind farmer get the award?

  • What was the real purpose of the student to visit a blind farmer?

  • What makes a blind farmer surprised at the end?

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