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Thieves of Atacama Desert


The assassination of irrigation Minister's news flashed in the entire Chile nation, it was shocking and stunned the whole nation. The different question arose around the corners. Who could have killed him? What is the cause behind his murder? And more importantly, where did the criminals buried his body? The crime scene was captured in one of hidden camera installed in the Minister's office. The camera even captured the blurred images of criminals. All these information were a base for the constabulary.


The Police turned busy hunting killers and within a week gap another crime shocked the entire country. This time it's a theft of a costly and huge device which is applied to convert unfit water to a good drinking mater. The serial publication of events annoyed the President of Chile.


Finally they called for a decision to on-board the legends and master brain detective agency WFDA. The two superheroes Mr. Brendo and Mr. Marcos are now again set to solve their 50th case in a new realm. What kind of new challenge and a new technique will they undergo this time and will they succeed in their assignments. All the dots are now connected in this novels and let’s see how they will make it happen.


Now presenting 'Thieves of Atacama Desert', journey of Brendo and Marcos to catch the culprits in a new manner and technique.


Enjoy the Read.

- Author -



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