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Fun Videos

Comedy Gossip

A wife comes with angry and shouts at her husband. The reason behind her anger is something which is funny :). Enjoy the animated skit.

Kaun Banega Ullupathy

Who want to become a billionaire - A show where comedy character Tintumon appears on the screen. Check how difficulty he  manage to answer a simple question :).


Beggar Mystery

A crime fiction which narrates two crime stories.  Guess who is the man behind these mysterious crime episodes. Read sample and download the full version. Click below:

BOOK LINK - Beggar Mystery

Upcoming Detective Novel

This time Brendo and Marcos faces uneven challenges while they investigate a murder case in London.

Wait and Watch for more updates.

Invisible Talent

The Invisible Talent - A short story. 

Book is now Available in




- Author -



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